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Bafici selects 10 Catalan productions

The independent film festival takes in recent hits including Isaki Lacuesta's 'El cuaderno de barro / The Clay Diaries' and 'Las olas / The Waves', by Alberto Morais
Bafici 2013
This upcoming 11-22 April, Argentina’s capital city will become the international centre of operations for independent cinema. The Bafici (Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival) will be celebrating its 14th edition with a magnificent programme including as many as ten Catalan productions. This year the impact of Catalan cinema at the festival is at its height, as the industry is represented in just about every non competitive section.
Particularly worthy of note is the Careers section, which will be featuring two films by Isaki Lacuesta, El cuaderno de barro / The Clay Diaries and Los pasos dobles / The Double Steps, a Golden Shell winner at the San Sebastian Festival. Yet another participating award winner is Alberto Morais’ Las olas / The Waves. This film, which won the Golden Saint George for Best Film and the Silver George for Best Actor, will be taking part in the Panorama section.

Other Bafici participants with a solid run at festivals include Hollywood Talkies, which premiered at Venice; Carta para Serra / Letter to Serra, which was screened at the Locarno Film Festival; Sibila, which was recently screened at the Cinélatino Festival in Toulouse; On Vampyres and Other Symptoms, which formed part of the line-up at the Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia; and Papá soy una zombie / Daddy, I’m a Zombie, which won first prize in the Enfants Terribles section at the Gijón International Film Festival.

Bafici will also be the showcase for the premiere of Edificio España, produced by Zentropa International Spain, a documentary that explores the decadence of one of Madrid’s most emblematic skyscrapers.
Finally, the Cine+Cine section will be featuring the participation of OFF PDV ¡RETAGUARDIA!, a montage of the videos made by different filmmakers including Isaki Lacuesta and Andrés Duque, among others, using the Super8 orphan films that were compiled during the YourLostMemories project. 

Cinema + Cinema    

  • HOLLYWOOD TALKIES directed by Óscar Pérez, produced by  Eddie Saeta
  • ON VAMPYRES AND OTHER SYMPTOMS  directed by Celia Novis, produced byCelia Novis
  • SIN TÍTULO (CARTA PARA SERRA) directed by Lisandro Alonso, produced by  CCCB, CCUT, La Casa Encendida, AC/E

Space Oddyseys (Cinema and architecture)    

  • EDIFICIO ESPAÑA  directed by Víctor Moreno, produced by  Zentropa International Spain, Víctor Moreno

The earth trembles

  • SIBILA directed by Teresa Arredondo, produced by Casimúsicos Cine, Acción Cultural Española



Little Bafici    


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